Navigate with confidence on a National Navigation Award course

Would you like to increase your confidence and skills when out walking or hiking?And to better understand how to use a map to walk with more confidence outdoors? Join me on a 2 day introduction to navigation skills, and gain a National Navigation Award Scheme qualification.

The main aim of this 2 day course will develop basic skills and confidence in navigation to be able to plan routes and follow line features in low land terrain.

*The key outcomes of the Bronze Award are;

*Identify different map types and relevant symbols.

*Identify different map scales.

*Demonstrate how to set the map with the compass needle and using large landscape features.

*Understand the basic concept of contours.

*Understand 4 and 6 digit grid references.

*Be able to plan a route.

*Complete a home paper .

*Increase confidence when outdoors walking and hiking.

*Progress on to the Silver Award

The course is delivered by a NNAS Tutor, qualified Summer Mountain Leader, DofE trainer and assessor, and Qualified Teacher of Learning and Skills.

The minimum number of people in the course is 4, with a maximum of 6 to ensure quality delivery.

Courses are currently being delivered in North Wales, Northampton, Milton Keynes and Leicester in April, June, August, September and October. Private, bespoke groups can also be catered to.

For more information, contact Iris using the form below.

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Published by Iris

Mountain Leader (MLS), DofE Trainer and Assessor, Educator.

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